The Mystery of the Living Love

Published in French by : Éditions Beauchesne
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This book takes a beautiful spiritual and apostolic path leading the reader in a current of intense love of Christ, to the Living Person, His Body and His Blood, His Open Heart poured out on the world. To grow in His Eucharistic Presence, to discover the Infinite Tenderness of the Father, in a life of prayer of love for the Holy Trinity, to penetrate the feelings of Christ and to live better, everyone can draw strength from these pages impregnated with the love of the Eucharist. The Year of the Eucharist, during the pontificate of John Paul II and Benedict XVI is a pressing invitation to deepen our faith in this mystery.

Marie-Benoite Angot, married, mother, grandmother, graduate in Public Law provides us with this spiritual journal. Her notations are linked with the expectations of many hearts. They form the basis of the “Houses of Adoration” which are domestic churches in the home, instilling the Spirit of Christ in the world. Scattered across the different continents of the world and recognized canonically, the Houses of Adoration carry within them, at the start of the third millennium, the meaning of “mission”.

The Houses of Adoration

Published in French by : Éditions du Jubilé
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Published in English by: Mediaspaul Sherbrook (Canada)
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“Do not let a day go by without visiting me.”

This is what Christ asks of those who love Him. He entrusts them to have the Eucharist loved like It has never been loved before. He desires to be among us, to be everywhere in our midst. The Houses of Adoration, scattered here and there, wish to bring the light surrounding them, to each house across the entire world in order that they may be lit also. Through their adoration, they are preparing the consecration of the world to the Holy Eucharist and for the return of Jesus Christ in all His Glory.

Adore with Mary

Published in French by: Éditions du Jubilé
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This book consists of two parts:

Prayer with Mary, which is a meditation on the Joyous Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries and Glorious Mysteries of the Life of Christ through the faith, hope and charity of Mary.
Prayers of adoration to help us to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

A Life of Adoration

Published in French by: Éditions du Jubilé
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Published in English by: St Pauls Publishing London (U.K)

Following the publication of “Houses of Adoration” in 1995, the author opens for us the channels to live day by day in Eucharistic adoration, during our busy lives. With all our attention turned towards Christ, regardless of our daily activities, we can keep living in His Love and His Word, drawing upon these strong forces in our lives. “By sweeping away and scattering everything that is superficial, the life of adoration leads us into the very depths of our living selves,” says the author, it is here where God waits for us to show us His Presence.” […] In strengthening our faith in the Personhood of Christ, Present in the Holy Eucharist, this book shows us how adoration is an attitude of the heart, that makes us disposed to Christ, through Whom His Eucharistic Presence purifies us and transforms us

Christ, the Eternal Eucharist

Éditions Médiaspaul
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In this book, the author makes us discover the Eucharist as a path of sanctity instituted by Christ Himself Who has come to us: “And the Word was made Flesh.” This spiritual journey can become the foundation of a Christian life by entering into a relationship of love that has no limit. It is in prayer of adoration that Christ reveals His Face and enables us to discover His Presence, and this decisive encounter between God and man takes place at the very moment of the breaking of the bread: “Their eyes were opened and they knew Him” (Luke 24, 31). In this way the author explains to us how the Body and the Blood of Christ are at the heart of the path of Love Who prepares us for the Eternal Eucharist.

Marie-Benoîte Angot is the founder of the ecclesial movement Houses of Adoration comprising laity and priests in essence “Missionaries of the Eucharist.” She is the author of several books translated into various languages that help to put the Eucharist at the center of the life of the Church, and the baptised, especially within families.