Apostolate's activities

The life of worship is linked to the mission and is accomplished by the Houses of Adoration by way of “visitations.” Adoration and visitations are the constituent elements of a House of Adoration. The various forms that our apostolate’s activities take are as follows:

Prayer in homes

Prayer and encouraging prayer :

– either in your own home with one or two people or as families

– by going from house to house to help other families to pray at home

ci-contre, la prière dans les maisons

Eucharistic Adoration

–  To encourage and support it wherever possible, in your own parish, or in any chapel or shrine

– To awaken and develop the sense of adoration in any person for instance in children through catechesis and by bringing Holy Communion to the sick


– To move in service to, even to a single person, witnessing the Love of Christ and His Living Presence as Mary the Mother of God did at The Visitation.


–  To take particular care of children, especially those most abandoned spiritually, morally and emotionally.

The sick

Through the grace of Lourdes, the Houses of Adoration are especially at work, caring for the lonely, the sick and the suffering, in homes for the elderly, in the chaplaincies of hospitals or with those living at home.


A large number of vocations of diocesan priests have been the fruits of the Houses of Adoration. Furthermore, ordained priests find in the Eucharistic spirituality of the Houses of Adoration, a deepening of faith and renewal in the life of the priesthood: we call them Missionaries of the Eucharist. The collaboration of the ministry of the priesthood and the baptised “priesthood” of the faithful find it to be an exemplary expression of faith..