Following the Path

Becoming a member of the Houses of Adoration is determined by a 3 step spiritual preparation.

Step one : The gift of yourself to Mary the Mother of God

It is an act of confidence in the Virgin Mary where each of us gives their entire selves, turns over their lives, their family and their home, completely to Her. It is the first step to our becoming a House of Adoration.

Step two : The renewal of our Baptismal promises

This action allows us to rediscover and refresh in ourselves the sacrament that is the foundation of our Christian life. It is also a reminder, to our state of consciousness, of the sacrament of Confirmation as well as the commitments made in the sacrament of Marriage.

Step three : Consecration to the Living Person of Christ

This is the realisation of our commitment to Christ, and a desire to live in union with Him. This step sends each of us out on mission to evangelise! And this is what expresses membership to the association.