Practical spirituality

Adoration at home

Prayer in Adoration : Daily personal prayer time

We make these times of silent worship, wherever possible, before the Blessed Sacrament. Otherwise it is “in Spirit and in Truth” that everyone is invited to encounter the Word Made Flesh, Present, in all the tabernacles of the world.

Praying the Rosary

Each day, if possible, the Rosary is meditated either privately, or as a family. This meditation leads to the contemplation of the Life of Jesus in the Gospel, with the eyes, and the heart of Mary.

A sacramental life

Daily Mass and Holy Communion are recommended, wherever possible, as well as the regular reception of the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Liturgy at home

The life of the Houses of Adoration is like the life of a small church, or church home, and is based on the model of the Holy Family.

A domestic liturgy is offered to families that want to “stand as the sanctuary of the church at home (Vatican Council II, L.G.34).” In each “House,” a place is reserved for prayer: either an oratory or a prayer corner.


Liturgy of the Word

Each day, the family spends a period of time committed to prayer, with the reading of the daily Mass, and then ponders and comments on the reading.


Holy Communion
Sometimes, and, depending on the circumstances of the place (e.g. missionary countries), or situations, (e.g. where masses in a parish can only be offered irregularly), and, depending on the mission of the priest, Holy Communion can be distributed at the end of the Liturgy of the Word, when conducted at home, or else, if applicable, a Spiritual Communion can always be made instead.


Forgiveness in the family

Before the end of family prayer, a word of reconciliation can reunite the family unit each day.




The Angelus
By saying the Angelus before each meal, the family is placed under the protection of Mary and Her Son Jesus.



The Blessing of the children by the parents

Every night the father, or the mother of the family, can make the sign of the Cross on the forehead of the children, as was done at their Baptism. Holy Water, from a font, can also be sprinkled into their bedrooms as it teaches them to use it, not as a superstition but,
as a sacramental, to ward off evil spirits.


Anniversary of baptism celebration

The anniversary of the Baptism of each child is celebrated with a solemnity and according to local custom in every House of Adoration. Their Baptism is therefore marked in the mind and the heart of each child signifying the importance of their birth into divine life. At this occasion, the parents and their children recall their own Baptismal consecration.